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Introduction to Java

iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. It was originally released in 2007 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. iOS is derived from OS X, with which it shares the Darwin foundation. iOS is Apple's mobile version of the OS X operating system used in Apple computers.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies. A basic understanding of any of the programming languages, especially Objective C programming language, will help you learn the concepts of iOS programming faster.

Intro to App Development with Swift

  • Playground Basics.
  • Playground Basics
  • Strings
  • Hello, world!
  • First App
  • Functions
  • Constants and Variables.
  • Types
  • Parameters and Results
  • Making Decisions
  • Instances, Methods, and Properties
  • Arrays and Loops
  • Defining Structures
  • Actions and Outlets
  • Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Enumerations and Switch
  • Final Project
  • App Design

Introduction to Swift

  • Swift vs. Objective-C
  • Swift language principles
  • The REPL and Playgrounds
  • LAB: Getting started with Swift

Variables, Types, and Control Flow

  • Variables and constants
  • Built-in types
  • Conditional statements
  • Basic loops
  • LAB: Basic control flow

Optional Types

  • Optional variables
  • Testing and unwrapping


  • Tuples
  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries
  • Sets
  • LAB: Collections

Functions and Closures

  • Basic functions
  • Higher-order functions, nested functions
  • Closures
  • LAB: Functions

Classes and Structures

  • The Swift type system
  • Properties
  • Initializers
  • Methods
  • Property observers
  • Access modifiers
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Structures
  • LAB: Classes and Structures


  • Using enumerations
  • Associated values (sum types)

Pattern matching

  • Basic pattern matching
  • Expression patterns
  • Custom expression matching
  • LAB: Pattern matching

Memory Management

  • Automatic reference counting (ARC)
  • Reference cycles
  • Weak and unowned references
  • Reference cycles with closures


  • Protocol inheritance and casting
  • Some useful protocols


  • Extending protocols


  • Generic functions
  • Generic classes
  • Constraints
  • Protocols and associated types
  • Complex constraints
  • LAB: Generics


  • Subscripts
  • Overloading operators
  • Custom operators
  • Associativity and precedence

Error Handling

  • Objective-C vs. Swift error handling
  • Throwing errors
  • Calling functions that throw
  • Deferred execution

Interop with Objective-C

  • Bridging basic types, classes, methods
  • Bridging strings and collections
  • Using id and optionals
  • Error handling
  • API availability
  • Mix and match in the same project
  • LAB: Mixing and matching

Swift 5.0

  • Xcode migrator