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IOT (The Internet of Things)


IOT is a course about the new paradigm of objects interacting with people, with information systems, and with other objects. The course will focus on creative thinking and on hands-on project development.


IOT is an intensive course and will require students to understand other technologies and current uses where IOT can be integrated to make a quantum jump in the efficiencies in application.

IOT concepts

  • Technologies that led to evolution of IOT
  • IOT and SCADA
  • IOT and M2M
  • IOT and Big Data 

IOT Standards

  • Requirement of international standard ( case study)
  • IOT standards in practice.
  • Operating platforms /systems  

Components of IOT System

  • Design of IOT systems
  • Development of prototypes

Relevance of IOT for the future

  • IOT in everyday life
  • Internet of Everything
  • IOT and Individual Privacy.

IOT Applications (Case Study)

  • Lighting as a service
  • Intelligent Traffic systems
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart water management
  • Wearables
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Retail

IOT in Scenario

  • IOT and Aadhaar
  • IOT for health services.
  • IOT for financial inclusion.
  • IOT for rural empowerment. 

Challenges in IOT implementation

  • Big Data Management.
  • Connectivity challenges.
  • Mission critical applications.